The Breville Stainless steel Kettle (Breville Colour 1.7L) in Black has: Easy fill, Easy pouring, Easy-grip handle, Illuminated power switch, Illumination on boil, Limescale filter, Rapid boil. The closed side handle gives this kettle a traditional appearance. The power output for this Kettle is around 3000w. Anything greater than 2000W should be considered quite high. A variable temperature control is a good Kettle feature to look out for, however, this Kettle does not have a variable temperature control, meaning that you will not be able to adjust the default boiling temperature. This Kettle has the stardard Water window water level. The on and off switch for this Kettle is conveniently located at the Bottom. This Kettle has a 360 degrees cordless cord type which means it can be lifted from the base for easy pouring (recommended). This Kettle has a Pull off lid lid type (recommended). We have determined that this Kettle is best for Families, has a typical Jug shape, and a Standard spout.

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Easy fillEasy pouringEasy-grip handleIlluminated power switchIllumination on boilLimescale filter
Rapid boil

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