The Beko Bean-to-cup coffee machine (Beko CEG7425B) in Black has: Adjustable coffee grind level, Automatic descaling program, Automatic rinse, Automatic switch off, Customisation of drink temperature, Empty water tank alert, Height-adjustable coffee outlet, Programmable timer, Programmable water hardness settings, Removable water tank, Self-clean, Strength selector. The power output for this Bean-to-cup coffee machine is around 1550w. Anything greater than 2000W should be considered quite high. It can produce a maximum of 1 cup from one tank fill. Therefore the water tank capacity is 1.4L. This Bean-to-cup coffee machine produces a delicious Americano, Cappuccino, Espresso, Flat white, Latte and you will need to purchase Coffee beans, Ground coffee to use it. This Bean-to-cup coffee machine has a non-standard Water gauge water level. We have determined that this Bean-to-cup coffee machine is best for Families, Singles and couples.

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Adjustable coffee grind levelAutomatic descaling programAutomatic rinseAutomatic switch offCustomisation of drink temperatureEmpty water tank alert
Height-adjustable coffee outletProgrammable timerProgrammable water hardness settingsRemovable water tankSelf-cleanStrength selector

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