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About us

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What we do

MINDYOURWATER is an organisation that helps pair consumers with the right devices to match their needs. We use our rigorous research methods to find accurate device information, we use our software expertise to design tools that help consumers sift through hundreds of different product features, we provide a platform for uncensored and unbiased reviews to help bring truth to the marketplace and use our good conscience to promote a healthier lifestyle around the world.

We aim to be as groundbreaking as the technologies that continue to greet us all. WATCH! THIS! SPACE!

Our leadership

The people that make everything happen

  • Mr Ryan Ormrod

    Software developer, president and CEO.

Board of directors

We’re the people that keep organised…

  • Mrs Maria Durmanova

    Director, marketing, content production.

  • Miss Natalie Durmanova

    Director, content production.

  • Miss Clara Ormrod

    Financial adviser and sales.

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Join our team

If you think you have what it takes to make a fairer, safer and healthier world for consumers of filtered and unfiltered water devices, then we need to hear from you. However, we do not have any positions available at this time but feel free to send your CV to us at and we may be in touch in the future.